Rachel in Wonderland

See that black hat on that handsome fella there?  It was part of his Ace Ventura, Pet Detective Halloween costume. And was in a Salvation Army-bound box in the trunk when lo and behold, he needed a hat.

Life’s lucky like that sometimes.

Just like we got lucky on a weekend adventure trip recently. Remember when it was rainy and I had time to make these Swiss Chard Egg McMuffins? Instead of the Adirondacks, Mariko (the most wonderful person I have ever met on a plane) and Gemma (the most wonderful person I have ever met through Mariko) headed just slightly north, to the Hudson River Valley.

And there, on a surprisingly sunny Saturday morning (why Lorne needed the hat!), just outside of Poughkeepsie, we found a bridge. is a former railway bridge that was refurbished and opened last year, just in time for the 400th anniversary of the Henry Hudson river journey. (Note: I’ve always wished I could have been a Henry Hudson/Lewis and Clark type of explorer. I like to say, “This is almost what it looked like 400 years ago!”). The bridge is 1.3 miles long. We walked to the almost middle, and then headed back. With all of our cold weather/rain gear on, it was betting a bit hot!

Jumping over the Hudson River? O yes. Just a normal Saturday morning. (Pretend there’s no bridge there, and it’s a much more impressive feat.)

Hiya little fella! And then we drove to , an outdoor sculpture museum that’s been on my bucket list for…two years now? When I ride the MegaBus up to Albany, we pass by the outskirts and I always see a majestic red steel sculpture, rising up out of the rolling green landscape.

The whole experience was slightly otherworldly and magical—like walking around a perfectly landscaped park, with valleys and hills and little nooks, but with art all around, too. Some made you think, and were intriguing, and the rest you could just glance at and wander on by. 500 acres, and well over 100 works of art. This steel beam, below, was my favorite. You could view it from the hills above, and not be sure about the perspective at all. Was the dangling piece on the ground?

Nope! Suspended up high! It wasn’t until you got up close that you could see the true structure. So much to wander around and play with! Lorne and I spent some time laying under the big sculptures, effectively becoming part of the art…performance art, anyone? Or jumping pictures as art?

I loved this place. It’d be a really cool date from New York City (I’m telling my friend Ned, who is a great date planner, about it right now). There are buses that go directly from the city to Storm King, and have you back in town in time for dinner. Next time I’m bringing a picnic and a book, and taking a tour!

What NYC area day trips are on your bucket list? We went to recently, and I still want to go to the Long Island wineries.

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